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More than 270,000 tourists come to Leiqiong Global Geopark to celebrate the Spring Festival
Source:Leiqiong Global Geopark of China Time:2016-02-17 21:42:34

Tourists from around the world visit Leiqiong Global Geopark during the Spring Festival from Feb 7-13

A record number of tourists visited Leiqiong Global Geopark during this year's Spring Festival holiday. During 2016 Spring Festival Golden Week, Leiqiong has totally received more than 270,000 tourists from home and abroad. Leiqiong Global Geopark is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and the unique volcanic culture, which appeal to tourists from all over the world.


During the Spring Festival golden week, each scenic spot of Leiqiong Global Geopark put up red lanterns, electronic signs of the main channels showed New Year wishes for tourists, and the Spring Festival atmosphere was unusually strong. Folk custom tours brought the diversification of tourism consumption.



According to the survey by the geopark, most of the tourists prefer to visit ecological natural landscape rather than indoor activity.’’Leiqiong Geopark is very beautiful and I feel very comfortable here. It's fantastic and I will bring my friends here," said Jack, a tourist from California, US.