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Awarding ceremony of Leiqiong Global Geopark in Haikou Scenic Spot
Source:Leiqiong Global Geopark of China Time:2006-12-11 17:56:55

On December 10th, the Leiqiong Global Geopark Awarding ceremony for Global Geopark was held in Wenhua Hotel in Haikou. Mr. WANG Bingchen, judge of national geopark, Mr. JIANG Jianjun, director of Environment Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, delegates from governments of Zhanjiang and Haikou and experts and scholar from home and abroad were present in the ceremony.

It is reported that Shishan Volcanoes Geopark of Haikou and Huguangyan Geopark of Zhanjiang made a joint application for the Leiqiong Global Geopark, which was approved by UNESCO in the second global geopark conference in North Ireland on September 18th of this year. The Haikou Scenic Spot of Leiqiong Global Geopark, which is located in Shishan Town and Yongxing Town, 15 kilometers to the southwest of Hainan City, is one of dormant volcanoes that erupted 10 thousand year ago, covering a total area of 108 kilometers squares, where there are 40 volcanoes of various kinds and over 30 lava tube caves. This area is rich in drinkable mineral water of high quality and salutarium hot water where tropical forest named the Green Lung of Haikou and ancient villagers in Basalt Stone Age are perfectly preserved. It is known that the Shishan Volcanoes of Haikou is regarded as precious national geological relics for typical volcanic origin, diverse category, beautiful shaping, rare mineral spring and integrated volcanic ecology.

In the awarding ceremony, exerts and scholars have pointed out the opportunity and challenge in park construction of Leiqiong Global Geopark of China considering the overall development of global tourism and geoparks. It is reported that volcanic landscape is very important and valuable tourism resources and there are thousands of scenic spots of this kind. There are 15 volcanic geoparks out of the 138 geoparks in China, among which Wudalianchi in Heilongjiang Province and Yandang Mountain in Zhejiang Province have been identified as the Global Geoparks. Since Haikou volcano has very qualification of being Global Geopark in resources, it must speed up the process of developing Baoziling volcano, lava tube and ancient villages, cultivating ecological landscape and construct indoor and outdoor scenic area centered by museum with a goal of displaying global volcanoes and volcanic culture, large-scale outdoor performing square and demonstration area of stimulating volcanic eruption, and demonstration area of volcanic culture and local culture, trying to set a model of geopark to the nation, even to the world within 3 to 5 years.

Mr. TANG Xian, executive vice mayor of Haikou city, suggested that, considering that Haikou Shishan Volcanoes Geopark is part of the Leiqiong Global Geopark of China, the government will take the following measures:

1.To organize two committees—committee of experts and committee of management—and practice the two corresponding rules of committees, ensuring the overall planning in the park;

2.To keep a balance of development and conservation, operated by professional organization;

3.To mobilize Zhanjiang, leizhou and Haikou city to protect this global brand;

4.To ensure excellent conservation, operation, construction and publication of Shishan Volcanoes Geopark of Haikou.

In the ceremony, four organizations including Bureau of Land and Resources of Haikou City, Geological Environment and Mineral Resources Administration in Department of Land and Resources of Hainan Province, Application Office of Haikou City and Hainan Coconut Bay Group Limited Corporation, and 12 people including Mr. TAO Kuiyuan, Mr. CHEN Yaojing and YU Tao were commended due to their dedications to the successful application of Leiqiong Global Geopark.