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Working conference on midterm evaluation of Leiqiong Global Geopark of China in Haikou
Source:Leiqiong Global Geopark of China Time:2010-04-29 18:02:35

On the morning of April 28th, a working conference on the midterm evaluation was held in Haikou. This conference focused on how to be well prepared for the midterm evaluation by UNESCO. Relevant personnel from Leiqiong Global Geopark (Zhanjiang and Haikou Scenic Spots), Department (Office) of Land and Resources in charge were present in the conference. Mr. HUANG Maochang, investigator from Department of Land and Resources of Hainan Province, Mr. WANG Junhai, Mr. LIANG Qining, section chiefs of Land and Resources Bureau of Haikou City, Mr. CHEN Yaojing, director of the board in Haikou Scenic Spot, Mr. LIN Xiaowei, deputy secretary of municipal government of Zhanjiang and Mr. HE Gui, director of Huguangyan Scenic Spot Administration of Zhanjiang were present in the conference, which was presided over by Mr. WANG Junhai, section chief of Land and Resources Bureau of Haikou.



In the feedback conference, professor TAO Kuiyuan from expert committee in Haikou Scenic Spot put forward his comments and request on the preparation of the midterm evaluation, confirming the schedule of carrying out the evaluation. Mr. LIN Xiaowei pointed out that the two parks in Zhanjiang and Haikou were insolated parts as a whole. And then Mr. LIN highlighted that the preparation for the midterm should focus on bringing in new insights, analyzing features, collaborate actively, implement cooperatively based on the practical situations. Mr. HE Gui also elaborated the status quo and the future developing planning of Huguangyan Scenic Spot. Meanwhile, he is very confident of the preparation for the evaluation and hoping to have guidance from experts and professionals.




The working conference on preparation for the evaluation sounded the alarm for us to get on the track as soon as possible, and find out problems and make improvement accordingly, which contributes to a better preparation for the midterm evaluation by the UNESCO.