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Midterm evaluation of Leiqioing Global Geopark of China by UNESCO
Source:Leiqiong Global Geopark of China Time:2010-07-28 18:06:40



On July 21st to 23rd, the UNESCO experts made an in-depth inspection to Shishan Scenic Spot in Hainan and Huguangyan Scenic Spot in Zhanjiang, as part of the midterm evaluation, revolving around Conservation and Construction of Leiqionig Global Geopark. Brandao and Fasoulas, experts from Executive Board of Geopark in UNESCO have given high remarks on Zhanjiang Scenic Spot and Haikou Scenic Spot respectively. They believed, the two Geoparks are able to figure out the proper direction to develop relying on their own features. In particular, they highly appreciated the practice to keep the balance of preserving the geological resources and exploiting it at the same time by Zhanjiang Scenic Spot in the past four years.




On the afternoon of July 23rd, these two experts made an on-the-spot inspection to the Huguangyan Scenic Spot in the rain, accompanied by Mr. CHEN Xiaoning, Ms. YUAN Xiaohong director and section chief of Geological Environment Department, Mr. ZHANG Chaoqun, deputy inspector in the Department of Land and Resources and Mr. PANG Nasheng, deputy mayor of city of Zhanjiang. Regardless of the strike on the very front and the serious damage by typhoon on 22nd, Huguangyan Scenic Spot resumed to normal condition with an joint effort by all the staffs to work overtime, ensuring the progress of the midterm evaluation. In the process, experts and officers gave high remarks on the unique geological landscape, excellent ecological environment and effective operation and preservation.




After the on-the-spot inspection, an evaluation feedback conference was held by UNESCO in Haibing Hotel, in which the two experts spoke highly of the operation and preservation of Haikou Scenic Spot and Zhanjiang Scenic Spot, and made some recommendations to the existing problems, including better communication and stronger cooperation between two parks, demonstration of introduction and geological information of the other park in their own area. In the feedback conference, Mr. PANG Nasheng, on behalf of the governments of Zhanjiang and Haikou, made a speech and suggested that the city government of Zhanjiang would place great importance on the suggestions made by UNESCO and promise to set up a special fund for infrastructure construction, geological ecology protection and updating volcanic Museum and integrate tourism programs in Huguangyan Scenic Spot, trying to bring a new look to the ecological environment in the future.




It is said that the midterm evaluation is the first test after the inclusion of Leiqiong Global Geopark into the Global Geoparks 4 years ago by UNESCO, and also the most important one in the history of Leiqiong Global Geopark of China since September, 2006. The result of the midterm evaluation will serve as the fundamental criterion of maintaining, warning or canceling membership of Global Geopark network.