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Earthquake Museum
Source:Leiqiong Global Geopark of China Time:2014-07-21 00:11:32

In 2006, Leiqiong Geopark consisting of Huguang Secnic Area was included by UNESCO as a member of the global geoparks. Huguang Secnic Area is also designated as a national scenic area, a national youth popular science education base and a national 4A grade tourism area. The Area is famous for earthquake and volcanic popular science education base. Its annual tourist visitors total about 600 thousand.

Huguang Earthquake Museum is a venue for studies of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction popular science, built cooperatively by Zhanjiang Seismological Bureau and Huguang Secnic Area Administration Bureau. The earthquake museum covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, which is divided into 3 functional areas, including an exhibition hall, an earthquake model hall and a volcanic model hall, Utilizing acoustics, optics, electricity effects, poster presentation and dynamic simulation technologies, the venue promote earthquake studies by a combination of knowledge, popular science, playfulness and interactive experience. The museum has established simulated earthquake platform, Zhang Heng seismograph, stage sets such as bridges, flood, dam, housing, tunnel, cave, etc. Using automatic modern technologies, the museum simulates various disaster scenes of volcanic eruption and earthquake, such as thunder and lightning, rain, storm, flood, mountain landslides, earth vibration, houses collapsed, bridges broken, traffic vehicles overturned, etc. Through the whole process of presentation, visitors feel the horrifying scenes of volcanic eruption and earthquake. Visitors can also read the poster presentation, attend popular science lectures, watch the videos of earthquake, learn about the seismic geomagnetic instruments function, get a comprehensive knowledge of earthquake, further understand earthquake disasters and increase the public capabilities of earthquake emergency self-rescue and self-protection from risks.